Wednesday, July 9, 2014



I discovered the amazing world of Essential oils! I am now an Independent Distributor for Young Living! My member #1720354.


The first time I met Stephanie Lee was when I bought her book Semiprecious Salvage. I was so inspired by her work that after my daughter moved out of the apartment off the garage, I had my hubby turn it into a workshop for me! He built me a great work bench to play with metals and jewelry.
By reading Stephanie's blog I was able to take another class from her called Handbook of Elements. It was a class on journal making. Very informative and so interesting! I learned so much!
Then I took another class on Metalsmithing from her as well, Stephanie is very generous with sharing her knowlege and quite gracious and accommodating.

I really enjoyed everything I learned from her, and look forward to more creative endeavors!


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