Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Creative Process

I get inspired by looking at other people's work, I love to look at the design elements, and try to figure out how on earth they came up with a certain look. A lot of times I just can't figure it out....what is going on inside the mind of the artist...and a lot of times I just sit back and enjoy the feeling of amazement I get when looking at something truly one of a kind.

Tonight I made these

The piece on the left is kyanite. I bought a a handful when I was in South Dakota over the summer. I LOVE kyanite! It's one of my fav minerals, not just cause it's pretty, but because this:

The high vibration and rapid transfers of energy from Kyanite create pathways where none existed before. Like a universal bridge, it is an extraordinary crystal of connection, opening the mind centers, enhancing telepathic and psychic abilities, bridging gaps in all communication efforts, and providing a link for transmitting or receiving healing energy. It immediately aligns the chakras and subtle bodies, bringing tranquility and a calming effect to the whole being. It is an exceptional stone for transitioning into deep meditative states. [Simmons, 223][Ahsian, 224-225][Melody, 363-364] BOOM.

How awesome is that. I mean come on! The next one is a little something something I made using a technique I learned from Fancifuldevices. ( I adore her stuff). I call it the magical doorway. Is that tacky? Oh well. I love magical doors. " Speak friend and it will open" The item on the right is a little keyhole. Self explanatory. No idea where I picked that up.

But the whole reason for blathering on, is what to to with these three items, and how do I use all three in a necklace design? I have something, a little inkling about what I want to achieve.... But it has not crystallized into a solid idea yet. Any suggestions?

And now. Some Magical Doors.